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Episode 138 – Travels, Travails and Training

We’re back in 2020!!! In an hour long ramble we talk about the abrupt end of the 2019 Roadshow and talk about the great things that happened before, and after, it.

We touch on legacy dojos, contextual training, the benefit of having old episodes and many, many other things.

Dan mentioned a book The Tipping Point which you can acquire HERE

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Karate Cafe roadshow 2019

The Karate Cafe Road Show kicks off early this year! We’re roaming around Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia! If your dojo wants a class on kihon concepts, kata application or system alignment (or just wanna train), message me! Taking off end of May and heading east for June & July.

UPDATE: Invitations are coming in but we still have seminar opportunities.

Here’s a link to Paul’s seminars page. If you’d like to host a local seminar or just have a class on bunkai, tuite, kobudo or just karate concepts let him know!

We’re camping along the way so I’ll post when we stop for a few days and try and visit whatever is around.

I’d love to feature your dojo on the show and remind all the listeners that we’re all one big family in pajamas…and other tactically questionable attire.